Why Nexa?


State-of-the-art technology with touchscreen.

Automatic loading of weights with laser sensors.

Intelligent aids

Different weight loads between concentric and eccentric phases within the same repetition…

Nexa, gym technologies

user friendly

Easy to use for all kinds of users regardless of their knowledge.

Possibility to select different kinds of training plans.

Automatic intelligent aids for muscle failure.



Selected loaded weight that is activated and deactivated with a simple hand movement.

An exact pattern is obtained of the user’s muscle capacity for each angle of movement to avoid injuries.

Automatic deactivation of weight load after 3 seconds of no movement activity in the event of muscle overload.

Intelligent aids are activated that detect muscle fatigue in the last reps.


efficient trainning

You will reach incomparable strength training results with Nexa.

Open configuration for each and every training parameter in an independent manner.

Maximum muscle performance as its software adapts to each user’s muscle capacity for each angle of movement: Force System.

Adaptive resistance.