Personal training studios and boutique gyms


If you manage or plan to manage a business model with high added value focused on personalised training, you will want to differentiate yourself from the competition, not only with your methodologies, but also by having equipment that allows you to apply them more efficiently and more profitably.

The most crucial part of these business models is customer experience that should include:

Clear distinction elements

Every company should develop its strategy based on competitive advantages. When implementing them, they should include the necessary resources to achieve a differentiating position within the market. In this sense, both fitness machine digitalisation and motorised weight loading equipment with digital panels are what actually give your business an edge.

Taking care of the design for first impressions

NEXA’s design and finishings are a highly important added value as they add extra exclusivity that the most demanding customers are searching for.

Satisfying trend demands

In the fitness sector, a differentiating position within the market is necessary, however, it cannot fail to respond to social demands in terms of training activities and methodologies, such as HIIT, HIST or adaptive resistance training, which our NEXA equipment also provides.

Quick and easy-to-use processes

NEXA is user-friendly, both for inexperienced users and for fitness professionals. Customers will feel guided at all times during the different training phases, without having to face cumbersome, non-individualised processes, and without wasting a second more than what is strictly necessary.

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