Smarttone launches Nexa, the first multipower machine with automatic loading of weights in the world

Smarttone is the mind behind Nexa, the first multipower machine with automatic loading of weights in the world. The company specialised in designing and manufacturing smart fitness machines is at the head of this project. 

The challenge that Juan Pedro Alonso, CEO of Smarttone and passionate about the world of fitness, proposed was to create a smart fitness machine where weights were loaded automatically, therefore making exercises easy and creating ones that were impossible until now.

Nexa was born after an intense research that identified deficiencies in the sector. It is the first multipower machine with automatic loading of weights in the world that allows users to make the most out of their training thanks to unique features that are unheard of in any other machine, until now. 

This new machine has been manufactured with the latest state-of-the-art technology and modernised configuration. Yet, what are its characteristics?

  • It is the first multipower machine that automatically loads and unloads real weight thanks to its integrated weight storage. Nexa can be configured with one weight for lifting and another for lowering in the same repetition, therefore favouring muscle development which cannot be achieved in any other way. On the other hand, it also allows users to carry out lifting and lowering exercises with a load and unloading time of less than 5 seconds, therefore reaching maximum results in minimum time. 
  • Integrated virtual trainer: Nexa guides, recommends and motivates users throughout the whole workout, adapting to specific and personalised needs. In addition, if users need help at any point, the machine provides the necessary help to finish the workout, just like a personal trainer would do. 
  • The system is constantly updated: the system is digital and open that is updated often so the service is automatically improved. 
  • Smart safety: Nexa has a smart safety line in the minimum working point in the warm-up in order to protect users. Once the line is passed, Nexa detects so and releases all the weight automatically. 

Nexa is Smarttone’s first project. The start-up from Alicante vows to shake up the fitness sector by means of innovation, as well as taking advantage of all the new possibilities the digital world and technology offer. Smarttone will launch Nexa on the market this 3 April and will travel to FIBO to show what will be revolutionary for the world of fitness.