Smart Weight

Offering innovative and exclusive products are without a doubt two factors that make your business a success. Therefore, the Smart Weight dumbbell rack takes the spotlight from anything else known to date. The dumbbells are digital and allow exercises and performance to be monitored. Smart Weight by Smarttone is revolutionary in the world of fitness. The main characteristics are:

11 pairs of dumbbells from 4 kg to 24 kg (more weight can be provided upon request) with anatomical and non-slip grips

in steel and rubber, monitored with separate long-life batteries that recharge automatically when dumbbells are placed on the rack. In addition, the dumbbells include LED lights that indicate the necessary weight for the set, as well as the following programmed weight.


that allows the equipment to be easily used, as well as a very fast and intuitive interface to program training plans. Graphs are provided to guide users so they can carry out exercises correctly.

Software that saves training plans allowing users

to monitor workouts and obtain feedback.

Open source software that can be independently configured to each training parameter, such as lifting and lowering movement times,

following weights to optimise results, as well as forced or partial reps.

General characteristics

  • Height: 160 cm
  • Width: 260 cm
  • Depth: 80 cm
  • Total weight: 800 Kg (with dumbbells included)
  • Dumbbell rack and battery charger with single phase 220 outlet (50 hz).
  • Electrical pre-installation (ground, rear)
  • Wi-fi
  • Finishings with high resistance epoxy paint in conditions of high levels of salinity and humidity.
  • Highly stable and robust integral chassis in carbon steel.

The equipment has a zinc molybdenum-based powder coating that gives it antimicrobial properties. The action substance, which is activated in the presence of moisture, reduces the growth of viruses, bacteria and fungi in a certified way, so that contaminated surfaces are left with less than 0.2% of the initial amount of microorganisms.

The standard elements with an antimicrobial plastic coating are mainly used in the health sector and in public buildings, such as airports, railway stations, stadiums, etc.