Rack Smart Force

It is the first functional training rack in the fitness sector that includes limitless digitized stations, such as a multipowwer with automatic loading of weights to save time and avoid loading uncomfortable discs or plates. This is the first machine of this kind with a multipower. The open software can program each parameter for each exercise in order to optimize each second of the workout. We can program the concentric time, eccentric time, rest time between sets; all of which are shown by a virtual on-screen trainer who will guide us throughout the workout. The Rack Smart Force also includes:

Total control of the eccentric phase

Thanks to our Nexa system we will be able to have total control of the load in the concentric and eccentric phases within the same repetition.

Three kinds of training plans

The software also gives us the chance for the very first time to have three kinds of training plans: HIIT, HIST and the revolutionary Adaptive Resistance Training. This is a new and revolutionary workout where we can give it our all in every rep to reach complete muscle failure with the least amount of reps possible and, therefore, reduce our training time notably, thus revolutionising the usual routines.

Exact amount of weight at every angle of travel

The software also allows us to obtain a real strength curve by means of the Smart Force System). This graph reflects the exact weight necessary for each angle of the exercise, moving away from flat weight loads, without variations in weight in the different angles of the different phases of movement required for each exercise; with the comfort and advantage of applying it to our training plan according to the desired percentage.

Weight loading with a simple gesture

For the first time ever, a multipower includes sensors on the bar that activate the selected weight by contact in a gradual and simple way. A simple hand movement activates the weight load we have selected and another simple movement deactivates it. It becomes an immediate and effective safety mechanism that protects us in the event of an emergency without the need for mechanical grips. Time is optimised even more for greater performance.

Intelligent aids

Our “intelligent aids” are the only ones in the world that automatically detect the user’s lack of strength, therefore reaching complete muscle failure as many times as the user wishes. Personal goals are reached in less time and hypertrophy is accelerated, making it a productive performance.

Easily adaptable to any space

All these new functions, alongside the limitless functional training stations, can be seen in the digitised rack that can be adapted to any space due to its versatile installation, reduced dimensions from 1.8 x 3 m and compatibility with any accessory brand for functional training. It is the first digitised rack that offers this wide range of limitless possibilities in terms of number of users, functions and adaptability to any space, allowing measurements, training plans and progress to be saved for the first time within a functional training circuit. Furthermore, all muscle groups can be used.

With and without floor

In the multiple configurations of its modular layout, it also offers the possibility of installation fixed directly to the floor of the installation or finishing with a specific high-density anti-shock floor that absorbs the impacts and noise caused by dumbbells, weights and accessories.

General characteristics

  • Height: 240 cm
  • Widht: 200 cm
  • Depth: 300 cm
  • Total weight: 700 kg
  • Power: 1,5 kw
  • Maximum weight: 1-250 Kg
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