Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers

For the first time in rehabilitation, injuries can be treated in a monitored, digitised and adapted way for each individual injury. Just one machine that saves space and offers unique and new functions for rehabilitation.

We are an essential tool for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, high-performance sports clubs, laboratories and universities that study strength, thanks to:

Total versatility

The Nexa software makes it the most versatile machines to train strength in a safe, guided and adapted way for each user. In rehabilitation, this is highly useful as it gives us the chance to have a progressive delivery of weights to avoid pain in the injured part of the body.

Personalised recovery

The Nexa machines can adapt to each patient’s needs by personalising each parameter for the rehabilitation process (eccentric and concentric time, weight selection in eccentric and concentric phases, intelligent aids when the patient is forcing the injury too much) to design an exclusive rehabilitation plan with the Smart Force System.

Specific loads

Thanks to this system, we can know the weight the part of the body affected by the injury can tolerate, in each angle of the rep. This allows the specialist to apply a weight percentage deemed desirable for rehabilitation, exercising the affected part of the body without any risk while also speeding up the recovery process (when compared to traditional machines).

Adaptive resistence

Another rehabilitation tool that incorporates its software is the revolutionary Adaptive Resistance, by means of which the patient will offer the resistance that the injury allows at that moment without forcing it excessively, adapting each repetition to the possibilities of the affected area, adapting progressively to the limitations of the patient and his evolution.

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