Nexa, the best choice

If there is one thing that operators in the fitness sector are interested in, it is to increase profitability, as well as attracting and retaining customers.


All our fitness machines are equipped with the innovative SMART FORCE SYSTEM allowing users to obtain an exact reading of their strength level necessary for each angle of movement. This can be adapted automatically to the training plan in order to reach maximum muscle performance, something that is unheard of on the market until now.



How can Nexa help you increase your average sales?

The key to increasing average sales of fitness customers is to maximise the perception of the value of the services offered. The perception of this value is higher when:

  • Access to the service is more selective. A basic starting point to achieve this is combining a premium offer with an attractive and innovative design, as is the case with NEXA.

  • The service offers higher quality attributes. No strength training equipment offers as many features as NEXA.

  • The brand is highly renowned. NEXA is a benchmark in high-tech strength training equipment.

How can Nexa help you attract more customers?

Attracting customers to fitness businesses largely depends on the visitor’s initial impression of the services offered. The NEXA equipment takes the spotlight thanks to its state-of-the-art and seductive design.

Once visitors are infatuated,  attracting them will then end with rational reasons to convince them. In this sense, the trust NEXA inspires to achieve strength training results is unbeatable.

How can NEXA help you retain more customers?

The key factors to retaining customers in fitness businesses are, on the one hand, for them to establish training habits and, on the other hand, achieve results that will maximise satisfaction and encourage them to stay at the fitness centre.

In order to acquire training habits, NEXA’s information systems used throughout training sessions and user feedback guarantee a stimulating experience and continuous progress, facilitated by monitoring exertion and gamification.

NEXA’s variety of high intensity training alternatives are the best guarantee to increase strength, both for hypertrophy and neuromuscular stimulation and, in general, to achieve results in strength training.

What only
the Nexa smart
equipment can provide

  • State-of-the-art designs inspired by sports cars and aircraft, making the equipment unique on the market.

  • Exclusive comfort thanks to automatic elements that allow the machine to be adapted to the user’s characteristics, including: adjusting supports, grips, pulling angles, loads and aids.

  • Extraordinarily easy to use thanks to the fact that the most sophisticated technology has been adapted to the customer, considering all user levels.

  • Safety mechanism is included, consisting of the machine immediately stopping by a simple hand movement. In addition, the strength curves applied throughout the different movements adapt force to muscle possibilities.

  • Any methodology of strength training and high intensity systems can be applied, including HIST, adaptive resistance training, negative weight load, forced reps, partial reps, and eccentric aids and overload. Regulating all training parameters is possible, such as the concentric and eccentric time under tension, squeeze, recovery time and the weight load throughout the whole movement, as well as speed limitations.

  • A software that includes the most complete feedback for users, both while carrying out the exercise and afterwards. The results from the session are provided, as well as assessment and progress reports. Likewise, the software allows the equipment to be used individually or to be personalised for group sessions, with gamification possibilities that increase the concept’s possibilities of commercial exploitation.