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Smarttone Nexa Medical


Smarttone is now collaborating with Resistance Institute to launch its new NEXA MEDICAL software, an essential tool for centres specializing in rehabilitation, physical reconditioning, physiotherapy, high performance sports clubs and universities studying strength.

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Smarttone presents its latest creation at FIBO 2022: Nexa Modular

The latest edition of FIBO 2022 took place from 7th to 10th April in Cologne, Germany, and Smarttone, the Alicante-based company, presented its new NEXA MODULAR concept. A completely new concept for racks that combine any functional training element with all the innovative functions of the NEXA software.

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The challenge: automate the entire fitness room with Nexa 2.0

The specialised magazine CMD Sport has echoed Smarttone’s future plans for Nexa 2.0. In an interview with Smarttone’s CEO, Juan Pedro Alonso, we discussed the new developments for 2021 and reviewed Nexa’s experience in its first facility, Arena gym in Alicante.

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Reborn in a new panorama: Galileo Galilei

Nexa, present at the event “Reborn in a new panorama: Galileo Galilei”

Smarttone has recently introduced “Nexa Revolution” in an on-site edition of the event “Reborn in a new panorama: Galileo Galilei” (Renacer en el nuevo panorama: Galileo Galilei) in Seville, held by MAS Servicios Integrales.

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Tryon, official collaborator of Nexa

Optimising interaction with the new functionalities of our innovative circuit and users was a priority when selecting such an important element as are grips/handles.

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CMD Sport interview to our CEO, Juan Pedro Alonso

Interview with the sports magazine CMB Sport to Nexa Smarttone’s CEO. Discover the main characteristics of the revolutionary Nexa Stations Concept.

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Are suppliers a source of competitive advantage in gyms?

We define competitive advantage as having some kind of asset that the competition does not have or uses to a lesser extent, which is capable of generating higher profit in a sustained manner over time.

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Marketing for gyms: customer experience with fitness equipment.

Competition creates the need to be different, a challenge to retain customers that entails managing what is known as customer experience.

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Smarttone launches Nexa, the first multipower machine with automatic loading of weights in the world

Smarttone, a company specialised in designing and manufacturing smart fitness machines, is at the head of this project.

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Gym equipment can also be smart

We have tried the first multipower machine with automatic loading of weights. It makes you tired just like conventional machines. There is no magic. Yet it promises training efficiency that can be higher than 30%.

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