Leg Press

SMARTTONE’S Leg Press offers digitalisation, automation and state-of-the-art technology all together with an excellent design, biomechanics and comfort. This machine is essential for any fitness business wanting to offer customers the latest fitness technology within an exclusive and pioneer centre. The Leg Press also includes:

Total control of the eccentric phase

Thanks to our Nexa system we will be able to have total control of the load in the concentric and eccentric phases within the same repetition.


that allows the equipment to be easily used, as well as a very fast and intuitive interface to program training plans.

Automatic loading of weights with different digitalised weight

without wasting time or making unnecessary effort during your workout.

Usage detection sensors

that, with a simple movement, functions are carried out automatically, such as automatic loading of weights or immediate stop in the event of an emergency. These sensors add extra safety.

Software that saves your training plan

to monitor workouts and provide feedback to users.

Open source software that can be independently configured to each training parameter,

such as lifting and lowering movement times, loading of different weights in the eccentric and concentric phase within the same repetition, as well as forced or partial reps.

Intelligent aids that detect lack of strength

that gradually react so users achieve complete muscle failure as many times as deemed appropriate, therefore accelerating hypertrophy.

Software including a variety of different types of workouts

such as HIIT, HIST or adaptive resistance training.

Strength curves shown on graphs

providing information on the necessary weight for each angle of the movement, allowing users to indicate the desired percentage to achieve maximum performance in each exercise.

Semi-automatic adjustable bench

with top quality upholstered design.

The bench includes an additional correction and positioning system for shoulders

with semi-automatic adjustment providing the ideal ergonomics, optimal comfort and adaptation to carry out the exercises perfectly.

Platform to position feet

with automatic regulation on different angles.
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Widht: 80 cm
  • Depth: 230 cm
  • Total weight: 600 kg
  • Weight ranges: 40 kg- 450 kg
  • Single phase 220v outlet (50 hz)
  • Electrical pre-installation (ground, rear)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Finishings with high resistance epoxy paint in conditions of high levels of salinity and humidity
  • Highly stable and robust integral chassis in carbon steel

The equipment has a zinc molybdenum-based powder coating that gives it antimicrobial properties. The action substance, which is activated in the presence of moisture, reduces the growth of viruses, bacteria and fungi in a certified way, so that contaminated surfaces are left with less than 0.2% of the initial amount of microorganisms.

The standard elements with an antimicrobial plastic coating are mainly used in the health sector and in public buildings, such as airports, railway stations, stadiums, etc.

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