iPulley is the first double-arm adjustable pulley that offers disruptive technology thanks to its two servomotors

The amazing possibilities offered by robotics together with the versatility of a double adjustable pulley system allow the trainer/sports therapist to enhance their qualities and multiply their results.

Different training modes 

Possibility of selecting different training modes (isokinetic, variable resistance with eccentric overload, isometric, strength test, Velocity Based Training…)

Maximum versatility

Maximum versatility with more than 100 exercises programmed and controlled by computer

Robotized weight loads

Robotized weight loads by 2 servomotors with 100 gr increments and measurement of bilateral imbalances.

Easy-to-use integrated software

Easy-to-use integrated software that allows you to record all the data and the evolution of each training session.

Take pulley training to another level

iPulley becomes one of the most effective, efficient and safe training thanks to its double servomotors and the optimization of the eccentric load, the measurement of bilateral asymmetries, the control of the articular trajectory movement and the controlled force curves by computer.

Diferentes modos de entrenamiento

Different training modes

The two motors and the iPulley software are integrated to offer a previously unimaginable experience, in which you can complement all the different modalities of training with pulleys.

Variable load

iPulley varies the load throughout the repetition to suit each exercise without the need of cams.
As a result, the resistance is intelligently modified with a different force curve for each exercise previously unthinkable with a traditional pulley system.

Adaptive isokinetics

Thanks to its software and the precise reading of the servomotor, iPulley allows, with its ADAPTIVE RESISTANCE mode, to set the speed of the exercise taking as a reference the force used in each position and phase of the articular trajectory, both in the phase of concentric and eccentric movement.
In this way, isokinetic work provides greater eccentric work than a traditional pulley load, better control of the actual load at each point of the journey, and incredible efficiency in muscle stimulation. In addition, iPulley can also measure and compare with previous sessions, the force applied during the exercise to program progressive routines.

Nexa iPulley

Isometric/time-static with strength test

iPulley's robotic technology allows, through the TIME STATIC mode, to fix any position of the range of motion to offer a reactive isometric work (time-static).
This type of work makes it possible to measure the load and evolution in different static positions with the desired protocol of time, effort or fatigue, a very valuable functionality both for carrying out specific muscular strength tests in different positions, and for training and readjusting the musculature.

Eccentric overload
iPulley's new robotic technology offers benefits impossible to imagine with a traditional pulley system. An example is the possibility of modifying the amount of load in the eccentric phase, increasing up to 40% compared to the load offered during the concentric phase. Why is it an important advance? Because during the eccentric phase our musculature is between 40-80% stronger and, with the traditional pulley system, it’s not possible to modify the eccentric load at will. With iPulley you can be programmed the load for improving muscle stimulation and training efficiency.

Currently, anything in the world can offers the type of eccentric overload within its own variable resistance curve like iPulley.

High performance and minimum risk

iPulley integrates Nexa's revolutionary technology to guarantee safe training while minimizing the risk of injury.

double servomotor

The double servomotor registers in real time any bilateral asymmetry during the exercise.

esistance curve adaptative

The resistance curve adapts to the muscular force during articular trajectory and the concentric and eccentric phases.

servo motors controlled by computers

The servo motors controlled by computers can read fatigue or any mishaps during the exercise and automatically deactivates the load after 3 seconds of inactivity.

intelligent aids

It has intelligent aids that allow you to reduce the load by detecting muscle failure, in order to continue with the series and increase muscle fatigue.

Software monitorización iPulley

Monitorize and save the data and the evolution of the training to plan the following sessions

Extraordinary engineering

The versatility of the adjustable double-arm pulley and the potential of the servomotors creates the dreamed of tool for any training and rehabilitation center that wants to differentiate itself.

Características iPulley

Technical features

One-sided maximum load (kg) 120
Minimum one-sided load (kg) 3
Bilateral maximum load (kg) 240
Minimum bilateral load (kg) 6
Power at maximum load (W) 1800
Standby power(W) 100
Average power (W) 700
Voltage (V) 200 - 240
Overall weight (kg) 130

Specific accessories
Adaptable bench with anchor to be fixed and multiposition

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Personalized financing service

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