Nexa gym solutions

Strength laboratories, clubs and high performance centres

If your intention is to provide a space where you can test and develop strength at the highest level by applying the possibilities of all high performance training and high intensity training systems, NEXA is the best option. Its qualities that make it unique on the market are:

Safety mechanism is included, consisting of the machine immediately stopping by a simple hand movement. In addition, the strength curves applied throughout the different movements adapt force to muscle possibilities.

Any methodology of strength training and high intensity systems can be applied, including HIST, adaptive resistance training, negative weight load, forced reps, partial reps, and eccentric aids and overload.

This is a great tool to test maximum strength or for any other option as all kind of weight can be loaded, including high amounts, with millimetric regulation thanks to the motorised and digitalised technology.

A software that includes the most complete feedback for users, both while carrying out the exercise and afterwards. The results from the session are provided, as well as assessment and progress reports. Those who love analysing will enjoy the graphs.

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