Total control of the eccentric phase

Thanks to our Nexa system we will be able to have total control of the load in the concentric and eccentric phases within the same repetition.

The weight in the eccentric phase, at demand

We are the first fitness circuit on the market than can program the weight in the eccentric phase at the demand of the user.

Maximum efficient training

Our Nexa Stations Concept is an innovative and complete training system, developed with a full circuit of the latest generation smart machines with a software including 3 additional configurable training plans on demand, such as variations of work/recovery times, exercise speed and variable weight loads during movements. All of this makes an unbeatable training tool to reach all kinds of goals.


NEXA STATIONS CONCEPT is designed with the latest motorised and digitalised technology to comprehensively collect information on training plans and performance. In addition, the equipment provides unprecedented comfort and precise movements, never heard of before in the fitness industry. Another key element, in addition to its optimal ergonomics and attractive design, it is refined accuracy that makes the NEXA STATIONS CONCEPT an easy-to-handle tool.

Smart Force System

Each machine comes with the innovative SMART FORCE SYSTEM that allows the exact level of strength necessary for each angle to be read, as well as being able to adapt it automatically to each training plan in order to reach maximum muscle performance. NEXA STATIONS CONCEPT is exceptional as a training circuit as it allows groups of up to 9 people to work at the same time. Working out becomes a fun, competitive, motivational and sensory experience as it incorporates music, lights, acoustic signals, fast positioning benches so as not to interrupt the pace, etc.

Monitoring exertion

During group training sessions, the personalised software includes the names and stored data of the participants who can follow their own routine or join the circuit designed by the coach.


The system offers pre-set training plans with the possibility to modify them or to introduce new designs created by the coach. The options that the software on each machine offers include different training plans, such as:

  • Pre-set training plans on demand by the coach or user, with the possibility to combine sets with partial exercises.

  • HIST (High Intensity Strength Training).

  • Adaptive resistance training.

SMARTTONE services include consultancy so that you can get the most out of this technology, both regarding the technical use, as well as the business exploitation models.

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