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Discover the most advanced fitness machinery for strength training.

Why is Nexa the best choice?

We have developed a variety of strength equipment with motor resistance and digital control that enables the most sophisticated training systems to be applied.

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Our history

Smarttone is a company with over 30 years’ experience in engineering, automation and manufacturing machinery in sectors such as the car and aviation industry, among others.

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Expert opinion

Lucas Leal

Specialist in biomechanics. CEO Resistance Institute. Co-owner SLOWFIT

I‘ve spent over 25 years studying the mechanics of exercise, and analysing and comparing machinery. I’ve been a consultant for Technogym and ambassador for Nautilus Spain. In our Master in Mechanics of Exercise we teach our students to understand the properties of different tools and machinery on the market. I’m passionate about new strength technologies and I’ve been using isokinetic motorised machines for years. I’m proud to have biomechanically helped to perfect the new Nexa fitness machines and I dare to say that, finally, motorised machines now have a clear future in the fitness industry. I’ll have one in my Slowfit fitness centre in Barcelona and it’s a candidate for all our centres around the country. Doing isokinetic work with strength and fatigue graphs at all times, being able to train isometric exercises for rehabilitation with graphic measurement, performing dynamic exercises with a strength curve adapted to each person and with the ability to increase eccentric load, is really something unique in our sector worldwide, and it’s also made with the best quality components and design in Spain (not China). Every professional in the fitness industry should drop in to the facilities and try Nexa as the future of motorised machines is now here!

Roberto Pizana

Professional bodybuilder and CEO of Longansport SL Nutrition

My Nexa Smarttone experience has been incredible. I could do an individual workout that would have been impossible with any other technology. For example, I could use 100 kg in concentric and 130 kg in eccentric for bench press. I could feel an immediate congestion that I am not used to, which is impossible to normally do unless you have two people constantly putting discs on the bar. It was easy to use and intuitive. It also allows you to adapt time, series, reps, weight and goals automatically. One of the training systems that really surprised me was the adaptive resistance training that, in my experience, you could save up to 30 minutes in your workout. I have been training since I was 13 years old and I can guarantee that now I am 28 and I am a bodybuilder, I have never had such a good experience when training alone.
Roberto has received the following awards:
3 gold in the Championship of Spain. Silver in the Championship of Spain. Silver in the couple’s Championship of Spain. 5th Junior in Europe. Gold in the San Marino Ben Weider International Championship. Gold in absolute category and professional member of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness IFBB. Silver San Marino Pro Championship of Italy.

Chano Jiménez

Sports consultant and marketing for gyms

In addition to the many innovations that SMARTTONE is bringing to the fitness industry with its NEXA range, what I appreciate the most is that both the concept of stations and the machines separately offer fantastic possibilities for individual use and personalised group workouts. There is nothing currently similar in the fitness sector.

Adelaida Espinosa

Manager at Pradera Abogados - Industrial Property

As a lawyer specialised in industrial property, being able to collaborate with such an innovative company like Smarttone is professionally highly rewarding. The company’s constant creativity, alongside the enthusiasm shown in each project, results in globally ground-breaking and cutting-edge products. It is highly motivating to be able to participate in such ambitious and fantastic projects.

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